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Large Building Toys


Large Children’s Building Toys

Large children’s building toys. Children will spend hours building large scale projects with our jumbo tinker toys. With their imaginations they can create large birds, animals, or even a skyscraper. Jumbo tinker toys are durable and rust proof which means your child can play with their creations inside or outside of the house. Fingo’s jumbo tinker toys encourage teamwork, and your kids will learn to work together and communicate with others as they create large scale toys, shapes, and structures.

Large Kids Building Toys

Large kids building toys. Kids can invent so many things with jumbo tinker toys and they can even make their own furniture. With some creativity, your child can design and build a lemonade stand. Your child’s mind will be challenged to new levels as they create fun toys with oversize tinker toys. Fingo products can withstand weather, and your kids will have fun spending hours in the backyard playing in their own play house built with large building toys. Your big kid can even use jumbo tinker toys to create shelving in their college dorm rooms.

Large Toddler Building Toys

Large toddler building toys. Toddlers will be inspired by all the large toys you can create with jumbo tinker toys. Adults can build fun play structures which will provide climbing fun for their toddlers. Jumbo tinker toys can even be used to create high chairs or changing tables for toddlers or infants, or even to create a safe closed in play environment. Whatever you create, your toddler will be intrigued by the bright colors and countless possibilities of Fingo products.

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